Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hosting a House Party

I got selected to host a House Party from Nerf!
What is a House Party you may wonder...  Well, House Party is a site where you apply to host a party.  You agree to have the party on a certain day, or close to it.  If chosen for a party you are sent a party pack to help you host the party for FREE.  This party is sponsored by Nerf and Cheetos.  So my party pack had five Nerf water guns, 12 bags of Cheetos as well as coupons and temporary tattoos for the guests.

If you aren't signed up for House Party yet, you really should check it out!  This is the second party I've hosted.  The other party was for a Hot Wheels toy.  Now before you sigh and say it's only toy parties, don't!  There are other kinds of parties as well.  Friends of mine have gotten SodaStream house parties, and yes, they send you the SodaStream machine!  Others have gotten coffee makers, books, food and health and beauty items.  Really, check it out!