Friday, December 28, 2012

why I earn...

here's what I was able to buy just the other day.  it was paid for totally by amazon gift cards I earned from various GPT sites.  this right here is why I try so hard and use so many sites.  I know plenty of people are perfectly content to use just one or two sites and I totally respect that.  for me, I like the variety of many sites to earn from.  maybe it's just my inability to sit and do just one thing.  but whatever it is, it works out well for me as seen below.  I earned enough for that car seat in less than a month!

now I'm working towards the matching pack n play, high chair and double stroller.  I should have the pack n play before baby gets here as well as diapers, some clothes and feeding needs.  the high chair and stroller will probably come after the baby and that's okay!  oh and fyi the baby is due in March so I have a little time but only a little....

Thursday, December 6, 2012


so, we've talked about a few things so far but let's talk about my very favorite GPT site now.  sound good?  I think so.  now you need to realize that everyone will upon using GPT sites find one that they love above all others.  for me, it's instaGC and here are some of the reasons why....
do you see all those gift cards I was able to cash out in a rather short amount of time?  it's a mix of amazon, walmart and one $25 papa johns card to spice things up.

so now you're probably thinking "how?" well, it's simple.  I do offers and lots of them!  there are offer contests that give you points too.  I've placed in several of those.  right now they have daily contests for the holidays.  normally it's just weekly and monthly contest.

as you can see by the pic to the left, I've been in the daily winners circle several times recently.  all those points really do add up and really do help.

so why haven't you signed up yet?  oh, okay, I'll keep talking and give you some of the goods on the site.

some great features this site has that make it unique are the chat box, active mods and admin and the coolest is the  instant money you get!  that's right, you cash out for your gift card and you have it right then!  it's yours to use immediately.  a lot of them can be printed for use in store or you can use them online (some are online only).  also they have a huge amount of cards to choose from!  some I've never seen offered from another GPT site before, some available at many but here they're INSTANT!  they're constantly updating and adding more card types.  have a suggestion for a card?  then tell them and they'll usually get it out there for you!  here's just a few of the many cards available from them.

  • amazon
  • bed bath & beyond
  • buy.com
  • disney
  • ebay
  • gamestop
  • iTunes
  • kholes
  • microsoft points
  • riot points
  • starbucks
  • steam
  • target
  • ultimate game cards
  • walmart
  • whole foods
  • wii points
and that is just a portion of them!  lots of choices.  awesome site if you're a gamer or have children who like to game.  awesome site if you're an amazon junkie like me.  awesome if you're a walmart or target fan.  it's just an all around awesome site.

you've got to try it out!  really, it's so worth it.  I have been able to get so many things for my family because of this site.  check it out and see if it's for you.  I promise once you get the hang of it you will not be disappointed!  really, come check it out.  I'm " itsthecaffeine " in the chat box if you need anything I'm happy to help you out.  if I'm not there, there's usually plenty of helpful people there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ring Ring Ring

let's discuss another topic in regards to completing all those special offers on the GPT sites - giving out your phone number.  nobody likes to give out their number.  this is just a fact.  so, when completing offers, how do you do the ones that require a phone number?  well, there are several options.  some better than others.  here's a short list of some ways I've heard of people dealing with the sometimes unpleasant task of giving out your phone number for special offers.
  • buy a prepaid cell just for offers
  • google voice number
  • give a false number
  • give your real house or cell number
in all reality the only honest way of doing them is to use your real number.  I also think the prepaid cell is a good option too.  that way it's still your number but easier to screen calls and whatnot.  google voice is okay by some sites, other sites frown upon it.  I will say that I do not condone under any circumstances giving out a false number because that number probably belongs to someone.  how would you feel if someone gave out your number on a whim?  yeah, so scratch that thought from your head right now.  don't do it! 

so now weigh out your options and go and do some offers!  remember though that fraud can get you banned from an offer group and ultimately a site.  it's not worth it.  so think it through and get it done!

Monday, December 3, 2012

email addresses

I thought I'd take a moment and talk about email addresses.  we all have at least one email address that we use, right?  well, obviously.  it's rather hard to do anything online without at least one email address.  did you know that to get special offers on GPT sites to credit better it's important to have many many email addresses?  I'm talking a huge amount here.  personally I tend to make at least one new email address a day.  another important thing is to change the email provider and also to not use the same email variations over and over again such as puterpenny, puterpennies, puterpenny1 and so on.  while it does make it easier for you to remember them offhand, it also makes it easier for the offers to see a pattern.  this is not the case for all offer types but there are some that are harder to get to credit and using similar emails do not help in your attempts to get those points.

so you're probably wondering about where to get all these email addresses, right?  well, it easy to find tons of free email providers.  just do a quick google search and they pop up by the thousands.  here's a list of the ones I tend to favor for my own use though.
 one thing to remember about email addresses and special offers are that they will get slammed with spam.  that's the nature of it and yet another reason to have so many.  that keeps your real email inbox free from the spammy clutter caused by special offers.

once you're used to doing lots of special offers you will learn which types of special offers you can reuse emails for.  in the beginning though, it's best to use new emails for just about every single offer til you get the swing of it.  I could list them out but until you actually meet the offers yourself a list isn't going to help you.  well, it certainly wouldn't have helped me.  I would have spent the entire time going "wait, is this a so and so offer or a so and so?"

so go clear you cookies, cache and history and then make a new email and try a few offers and see if you have better crediting!  I know it worked for me!  have any thoughts or questions?  feel free to ask!