Thursday, December 6, 2012


so, we've talked about a few things so far but let's talk about my very favorite GPT site now.  sound good?  I think so.  now you need to realize that everyone will upon using GPT sites find one that they love above all others.  for me, it's instaGC and here are some of the reasons why....
do you see all those gift cards I was able to cash out in a rather short amount of time?  it's a mix of amazon, walmart and one $25 papa johns card to spice things up.

so now you're probably thinking "how?" well, it's simple.  I do offers and lots of them!  there are offer contests that give you points too.  I've placed in several of those.  right now they have daily contests for the holidays.  normally it's just weekly and monthly contest.

as you can see by the pic to the left, I've been in the daily winners circle several times recently.  all those points really do add up and really do help.

so why haven't you signed up yet?  oh, okay, I'll keep talking and give you some of the goods on the site.

some great features this site has that make it unique are the chat box, active mods and admin and the coolest is the  instant money you get!  that's right, you cash out for your gift card and you have it right then!  it's yours to use immediately.  a lot of them can be printed for use in store or you can use them online (some are online only).  also they have a huge amount of cards to choose from!  some I've never seen offered from another GPT site before, some available at many but here they're INSTANT!  they're constantly updating and adding more card types.  have a suggestion for a card?  then tell them and they'll usually get it out there for you!  here's just a few of the many cards available from them.

  • amazon
  • bed bath & beyond
  • buy.com
  • disney
  • ebay
  • gamestop
  • iTunes
  • kholes
  • microsoft points
  • riot points
  • starbucks
  • steam
  • target
  • ultimate game cards
  • walmart
  • whole foods
  • wii points
and that is just a portion of them!  lots of choices.  awesome site if you're a gamer or have children who like to game.  awesome site if you're an amazon junkie like me.  awesome if you're a walmart or target fan.  it's just an all around awesome site.

you've got to try it out!  really, it's so worth it.  I have been able to get so many things for my family because of this site.  check it out and see if it's for you.  I promise once you get the hang of it you will not be disappointed!  really, come check it out.  I'm " itsthecaffeine " in the chat box if you need anything I'm happy to help you out.  if I'm not there, there's usually plenty of helpful people there.

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