Friday, December 28, 2012

why I earn...

here's what I was able to buy just the other day.  it was paid for totally by amazon gift cards I earned from various GPT sites.  this right here is why I try so hard and use so many sites.  I know plenty of people are perfectly content to use just one or two sites and I totally respect that.  for me, I like the variety of many sites to earn from.  maybe it's just my inability to sit and do just one thing.  but whatever it is, it works out well for me as seen below.  I earned enough for that car seat in less than a month!

now I'm working towards the matching pack n play, high chair and double stroller.  I should have the pack n play before baby gets here as well as diapers, some clothes and feeding needs.  the high chair and stroller will probably come after the baby and that's okay!  oh and fyi the baby is due in March so I have a little time but only a little....

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