Wednesday, January 30, 2013

setting goals

for me personally to make the best of the GPT life I set goals.  sometimes it's a daily goal.  sometimes it's determined by a certain amount needed or wanted by a certain time.  sometimes it's something else.  I always have some goal that I'm working towards or with the way I work, working to surpass.  I don't stop when I hit my goal, I try to hit my goal and go beyond it!

currently my goal is $3 a day across all my sites.  this is very easily achieved for me so I made it $3 a day across the sites I use to get amazon money.  I need to make that much to be able to make a diaper purchase before the baby arrives.  I also try to make at least .50 a day on the sites I use for paypal.  there are days I don't make that goal but there are other days where I crush it.

so you're thinking along the lines of $3 a day not being much.  well, when you think about an entire year, it's not really chump change either.  if I make $3 a day for amazon every day this year (I won't because of a hospital stay and recovery after having a baby), I will have made $1095 at the end of the year.  now let's talk about the .50 a day for paypal.  again, that sounds like nothing.  but in a year it's $182.50.  no, it's not a life changing amount but it pays for netflix and a little extra here and there.  so it's worth it!

so do you have a goal for your earnings on GPT sites?  maybe you want to work towards getting a kindle fire?  or maybe you want all your holiday shopping done for free.  it can happen and setting a goal, even a roundabout goal, can help you get there!

maybe you're not a goal setter.  maybe you're not sure how to go about it.  well here's how I figure out my goals.

I need $50 in three weeks.  so I divide $50 by 20 days (one day shy to give me wiggle room).  that means I need to make $2.50 a day for 20 days.  easy as pie.  now you want a long term goal?  how about you want $750 by december.  here's my figuring for that one.  divide your wanted amount, in this case $750 by 300 days (10 months at 30 days average) to get your daily needs.  again it worked out to $2.50 a day.  couldn't you use an extra $750 for holiday shopping?  yeah, I thought so!  of course that amount does not take in to consideration anything being used for the entire time so if you have other things you want between now and then you need to figure all that in too.

bottom line is that goals can be helpful.  it helps you to see that at the end of a set period of time you will have something substantial, not just a few bucks.  of course your goal might be to make $5 a month and that's okay!  just get a goal and get to making that goal a reality!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

a tasking I will go....

so let's talk a moment about yet another way to earn on GPT sites - tasks.  what are tasks you may be wondering.  well, it's just that, it's a little job that you're asked to do for points.  they range from way too easy to way too hard for the points offered.  some of the tasks I've seen recently have been things like doing a google search and recording the results, tagging images, moderating images looking for violations (it's a mature task), topic relevance and things like that.  some are sooo easy while others really try your patience.  I tend to stick to the very easy ones because let's face it, I have four children that are also taking my attention so I can't focus overly much on what I'm doing while tasking so reading an article to rate the tag given to it is not gonna happen for me, at least while the minions are awake.

so, where do we find tasks?  they're available on most GPT sites.  the most common places to find them are under a heading that says "tasks" or "crowd flower" but they can also sometimes be found under offer walls like Matomy.  another place to find tasks if you find them to your liking is on Mturk.  that is a site that is linked to amazon and is nothing but tasks.  there are way more there than you will find on any other GPT site.  other GPT sites have only tasks from Crowd Flower but on Mturk there's tasks from other companies as well as private people looking for info, opinions and statistics.  these tasks will sometimes be a short personality survey or things like that.  in general they pay pretty well for the amount of time spent on them.

with Mturk, since you're connected to your amazon account, you can move the money right from there to your amazon account once you have $1 in your account.  the other payment option is to have it sent to your bank account.  tasks are moderated so it's not instant.  it generally takes a day for the task to be approved and you to get paid.  I have never had a task rejected that I did.  some tasks also offer bonuses for good work which is always fun.

I don't do tasks every day but I do them at least a few times a week.  it's a nice way to pad your amazon account or any other payment option you may be interested in based on where you do them.  yes, I tend to do tasks on Mturk more than any other site mainly because it pays more there and there are so many more options for tasks to be done.  I like variety and will hop around on which task type I do.  remember, I'm a firm believer in every little bit helps.