Monday, December 3, 2012

email addresses

I thought I'd take a moment and talk about email addresses.  we all have at least one email address that we use, right?  well, obviously.  it's rather hard to do anything online without at least one email address.  did you know that to get special offers on GPT sites to credit better it's important to have many many email addresses?  I'm talking a huge amount here.  personally I tend to make at least one new email address a day.  another important thing is to change the email provider and also to not use the same email variations over and over again such as puterpenny, puterpennies, puterpenny1 and so on.  while it does make it easier for you to remember them offhand, it also makes it easier for the offers to see a pattern.  this is not the case for all offer types but there are some that are harder to get to credit and using similar emails do not help in your attempts to get those points.

so you're probably wondering about where to get all these email addresses, right?  well, it easy to find tons of free email providers.  just do a quick google search and they pop up by the thousands.  here's a list of the ones I tend to favor for my own use though.
 one thing to remember about email addresses and special offers are that they will get slammed with spam.  that's the nature of it and yet another reason to have so many.  that keeps your real email inbox free from the spammy clutter caused by special offers.

once you're used to doing lots of special offers you will learn which types of special offers you can reuse emails for.  in the beginning though, it's best to use new emails for just about every single offer til you get the swing of it.  I could list them out but until you actually meet the offers yourself a list isn't going to help you.  well, it certainly wouldn't have helped me.  I would have spent the entire time going "wait, is this a so and so offer or a so and so?"

so go clear you cookies, cache and history and then make a new email and try a few offers and see if you have better crediting!  I know it worked for me!  have any thoughts or questions?  feel free to ask!

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