Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ring Ring Ring

let's discuss another topic in regards to completing all those special offers on the GPT sites - giving out your phone number.  nobody likes to give out their number.  this is just a fact.  so, when completing offers, how do you do the ones that require a phone number?  well, there are several options.  some better than others.  here's a short list of some ways I've heard of people dealing with the sometimes unpleasant task of giving out your phone number for special offers.
  • buy a prepaid cell just for offers
  • google voice number
  • give a false number
  • give your real house or cell number
in all reality the only honest way of doing them is to use your real number.  I also think the prepaid cell is a good option too.  that way it's still your number but easier to screen calls and whatnot.  google voice is okay by some sites, other sites frown upon it.  I will say that I do not condone under any circumstances giving out a false number because that number probably belongs to someone.  how would you feel if someone gave out your number on a whim?  yeah, so scratch that thought from your head right now.  don't do it! 

so now weigh out your options and go and do some offers!  remember though that fraud can get you banned from an offer group and ultimately a site.  it's not worth it.  so think it through and get it done!

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