Thursday, November 8, 2012


welcome to my new blog.  I have another blog that I post very random things on so I decided to make one just for my GPT (GetPaidTo) things.  so here you find yourself.  what will I be posting?  well, it will be more than just my referral links, I promise.  since I am always answering questions from friends on offers and the like, I plan on posting tips and tricks that I have found while using these types of sites.  this year alone I've made over $2,000 in gift cards and paypal money.  true, it's not as much as a real job but I'm making all this while sitting at home with my four, soon to be five children.  I'll talk about promotions that the different sites are doing, new sites that I may find and pretty much any relevant information I can think of regarding my beloved GPT sites.  I'm also a huge fan of freebies and free samples so some of those may be slapped in here as well because I'm all about helping people to get things for free and make the free money.  true, it will cost you your time but that's all it has to cost you!  I don't use every site out there because frankly there are some I am not a fan of for one reason or another and I just simply do not have the time nor the energy to do that.  so, to include other sites I may ask friends of mine to do a guest blog about those.  so that's that.  this blog I hope will be a blessing to others.

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