Monday, November 12, 2012

what is a GPT?

let's take a moment to talk about what exactly a GPT site is and isn't.  GPT stands for Get Paid To.  the premise is really simple.  you do things and you get paid in virtual currency.  cool, right?  well, yes it is.  but there's really more to it than just do it and get paid.  like, what exactly are you going to be doing.  here is a small list of things you may find on GPT sites.
  • searching.  yes, some sites pay you to do searches.
  • surveys.  doing surveys can be a good way to earn points but can also be a bit of a headache.
  • watching videos.  this is an easy though time consuming way to earn points.
  • completing offers.  there are such a variety of offers available on GPT sites.  from easy things like watching a video to signing up for a site or newsletter to paid subscriptions for things. 
  • games.  many sites offer paid games.
  • dailies.  these vary from site to site.  many sites offer a daily poll or CPC clicks.  these are really easy things you can do daily for points.
  • tasks.  these are where you are doing certain things like tagging a business or putting things into categories or even tweeting articles.  some are easy, some are mind boggling. 
  • coupons.  many sites offer points for printing and then using coupons.
  • shopping.  there are several sites that have the option to shop thru them to earn points back.  the amount you earn back will often vary from store to store and there's almost always a wait time on the points but it's a really nice bonus when they come.
  • referrals.  every site that I am aware of offers some incentive for having referrals.  some it's just a little like matching search wins for a certain amount.  other sites it's a percentage of all their earnings for life.  some have a bonus for them joining and some for the first time they cash out.  no matter what way they reward you, the rewards are awesome.
so now that you have an idea of what you're going to be doing.  how about the why.  well, you're doing it to earn virtual currency aka points or bucks.  you then take that virtual money and trade it for real prizes.  nearly all sites offer giftcards.  the most popular seeming to be amazon because honestly, you can buy just about anything there.  many sites also offer paypal too.  on top of giftcards there's usually also physical prizes you can redeem for.  I've gotten a pack of playing cards with special pictures on it from one site.  otherwise I stick to my giftcards.  but really, did I just answer why?  not really.  so here's why.  you can buy things you want or need for FREE.  yes, it does cost you time but when you're like me and a stay at home mom, you have some time to spend on earning some money.  obviously the amount you earn each month will be directly tied to how much time and effort you put in as well as how many sites you choose to use.  I have literally earned a couple thousand dollars just this year on them.  I suggest to start small with just one site.  do not overwhelm yourself!  do one site, get used to it then if you feel like you can do more, add another site.  I do an obscene amount of sites but I also don't do them all daily and I don't ignore or neglect my home life for them.  so, are you ready to start earning yourself some giftcards?  I thought so!

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