Wednesday, February 20, 2013

free samples!

do you take advantage of all the freebies you can get online?  oh, I know what you're thinking.  you're thinking what's the point?  all you get are those little single use packets.  well, sometimes, yes, that is very true as shown by the picture to the right.  lots of one use packets are very helpful though.  they make great additions to your diaper bag, glove compartment or purse.  the main reason they send them is to let you try it out and if you like it, then you buy it.  most come with a decent coupon for your first purchase too.  but trust me when I say that those little packets are not the only type of freebie out there.
sometimes you get them in little bottles too.  those are good for several uses each and these too come with coupons for a future purchase of the item!  you can get everything from body wash and shampoo/conditioner to lotion, lip balms and deodorant.  these make great guest items or travel items.  I know I'll be packing some of these in my hospital bag for my upcoming hospital stay!

there are also the full sized stuff you can get!  full sized shampoo, face wash, lotion and all kinds of other things too.  like foods products, razors, baby formula, baby bottles and bath poufs too!  yes, every bit of this was free.  I paid nothing except the time it took me to fill out the forms for them.  no credit card info was needed or anything.  companies give out their stuff to get you to try it in the hopes you'll start using their product!  it's just that simple.  sometimes instead of a product in the mail, you will get a coupon for the item free at a store.  I have gotten several of those as well.  I currently have two for head and shoulders shampoo or conditioner, a 20oz coke product and a jar of baby food.  good stuff I tell you!

so what are you waiting for?  oh, I know!  the info on how to find the freebies.  well, in all honesty, facebook is the best source of freebie info out there in my opinion.  I follow a ton of "deal bloggers" that post freebies, giveaways and product reviews and things like that.  I am also a member of a group on facebook where we share freebies as we find them.
two of my fave freebie bloggers are FreebieShark and Coupon Clipinista.  there are tons of others out there but I like those two for their speed on posting about the freebies.  some freebies are available for days while others are limited to the first set number like 5000 so speed in knowing when they're available or going to be available is important.

so, get yourself a designated freebie email addy (yes, you really do want one of these) and start hunting your freebies!  then wait and watch the things just start rolling in.

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